Thursday, December 31, 2020

On to 2121!

So...It's been well over a year since I posted on my Blog site.   I killed all the old posts!  A huge variety of reasons behind that..which I won't go into here and now.  Perhaps I will reconstruct some of that material in the future.   But for now...some of the work I did in the previous year.   Covid masks were huge, and several I made ended up in Museum shows.  I also was supported as an artist by client orders I am very grateful to have,  as the other ends of the art world have been severely impacted by Covid shut downs and will be for years to come.    

Not that this will stop me...I have plans and will work hard to make them happen.   In times of adversity,  giving it al you have often is the best practice.  As you will ride the incoming tide and rise to the top. 

Here is wishing all out there a SAFE,  better and more serene 2021.  We ALL can use it.  


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