Tuesday, July 23, 2019

"WAR PAINT" - Famous Rodeo Bucking Horse Beaded Bag

I just finished beading this bag for a friend,  who owned the famous rodeo bronc "War Paint".   You can read about him here,  as he was quite the bucking horse https://www.prorodeohorses.com/war-paint/.  3 times Bucking Horse of the Year in fact!  

This was a fun project,  as I am from Oregon,  and this horse was Oregon bred,  as well owned by the legendary Oregon stock contracting family the Christensen Brothers.  One could say I am a little home state bias LOL.   He was retired when I was a kid,  but I remember them taking him to rodeos as a presentation.  He lived out his life on their ranch,  well loved and taken care of until he died of old age.  Maybe he started my love of bucking horses.  

The beadwork is all 13/0 cut beads,  along with 13/0 24k gold cut beads on braintan hide.  The spots are old time brass sequins and antique glass nailhead spots. 

War Paint had some incredible moves!  That full out reach is poetry in my book.  A horse bucks like this because they LOVE it ( I know cause I owned one like that.  She simply loved to buck ).  He set a standard of what bucking horses are meant to be!  


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