Saturday, June 22, 2019


I know I don't update this Blog as much as I should.   I stay busy - But I now post on Instagram my Facebook Art Page more.  You can find them via the links and follow if you like!  

I just finished this bag for a friend. It portrays their top notch and famous reining horses.  I love riding horses like this,  as they are fine tuned sports machines.   And beautiful to boot!   And using the bag is like carrying ones personal photo album.  

Getting a real photo of the bag,  without using a professional photographer is hard.  So here are the panels before I assembled it.  Beaded out of 13/0 cut beads,  along with 24 K gold cut beads on brain tanned hide.  I have made a few of these bags now.  Each one different.  And hope to do more in the future.  

And I just finished this hat last week.  Again,  beaded out of 13/0 cut beads and 13/0 24k gold Charlotte cut beads.  I also added some antique Czech glass nailhead spots. 

I  directly onto the hat.  It can be a bit tiring,  because you have to reach over the rim and not crush the opposite side.  So they are a little slower to do.  But they are a fun item as well. 

 More of these in the future,  as well as another horse project featuring another very famous horse.  Stay tuned :-) 


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