Thursday, November 8, 2018

"MY LITTLE URBAN PONY" - Beaded Skateboard.

I just finished this beaded longboard for an upcoming show at The Stonington Gallery in Seattle Washington.   It was fun to play a little....things are so serious in the world,  that a bit of whimsy was needed!

All of the horses on this are either horses I own,  or have owned in the past.  Each and everyone of them has been special to me....They all taught me something or helped me at difficult periods in my life.   Horses are healers.    And of are pony's!

This is Little Joe - who is on the bottom of the longboard ( Hence the name of the artwork ).  He is the latest to join the herd.  Never in my life did I think I would own a pony.  This one is special though.  Twice saved from death row....he is so kind, and gentle and loving.  Amazing the ability they have to forgive.  

Skateboards have kind of become the new horse for kids.  When I was growing up,  we rode horses like crazy daredevils......kind of how kids ride their skateboards.   So I thought a good parallel for the show. 

The longboard is 43 inch's long,  beaded on smoked brain tan hide,  using vintage and antique cut beads,  24k gold beads,  antique Navajo silver buttons,  and antique Czech glass nail head spots.   And the wheels are beaded too.  

Once I get better gallery pictures,  I will also post here.   

Enjoy, and remember...sometimes we MUST lighten up.   The world is far too serious at times. 


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