Thursday, September 20, 2018

Some New Works

I don't post as much on this Blog as I once did.  So I miss adding new works.  Been a busy summer though.  

This is a new horse collar I made for my horse Cappy.   It was made using re-cycled historic beadwork ( the main panel ) and I beaded new sides for it.  Hopefully,  this time he gets to keep it :-) 

I commissioned hat I finished last week.  Beaded using 13/0 cut beads,  24 K gold cut beads,  and antique Czech glass spots.  A variation of another had I made.  

I just finished this one today.   A beaded cuff,  using 13/0 cut beads,  24 k gold cut beads,  antique Navajo silver buttons,  and REAL Turquoise and Lapis beads.  And they are cut from stone,  not reconstituted dust.  About a size 14/0. 

The image is the stars in "Orions Belt".  

And....more new works to come!  Going to be a busy winter.   

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