Thursday, July 19, 2018


I have had this Blog site now for about 10 years.   I initially started it,  simply because it was a easy tool for me to refer potential clients a way to view my artwork without having to send off a ton of photos all the time.   Getting a actual web site was expensive and since I normally don't have stock for sale,  wasn't worth the cost at the time.    This seemed to do the job.  But it took a kind of journey on its own I wasn't ready for.   I had no idea the amounts of viewership around the world it would get - Close to a half a million hits.   Which is great....and not.   Many copy cat's out there with little concern or originality.   Had a few major companies steal design ideas.  And then there is Pintrest.   So many photos of my work circulated with no credit,  as I didn't watermark things 10 years ago.   People claiming my work as theirs, claiming it was made in China,  and even some claiming my horse as theirs!  Total insanity!   I ended up deleting about half of my original posts because of this.   Which was sad.....there was some good write ups in them.  But alas.....such is life.  

So now I am wondering if I continue posting here.  I have a Facebook site,  and also now am on Instagram  I am sure that is more than enough exposure.   Perhaps I will save this for any diatribe that I feel the need to expound on.   We shall see.    

So....a few photos of some recent work.   

This is a Plateau style dentalium shell breast plate necklace I just finished for a noted member of a well known Plateau family.   It will be great to see this worn around here at dances and events.   ( The dress is a old one from my collection ). 

It took sorting thru 15 pounds of shells to get these ones to make this.   All sanded on the ends as well.   The red beads are antique Italian red white hearts.  The blues are "Pony Trader" blue beads.   Pinch conch shells and silk ribbons.  The spacers are very heavy brain tan.  

The end dangles are Chinese coins and "Russian" blue faceted beads.   It has a great sound when worn.  Chinese coins show up often on historic items in the Columbia River area often.  

This is a beaded doctors bag in the collection of a very close friend of mine,  and I only now have photos of it.   I did this perhaps 20 years ago.   Beaded in 13/0 antique beads on brain tan leather.   He is NuuChaNulth,  and his children's mother was Lakota from the "Blue Horse" family.  This honors that connection.   

So...maybe I post again and maybe not ?   


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