Saturday, March 17, 2018


I just finished making a pair of incised buffalo hide bags - One for a very dear friend,  and the other for me,  a kind of "Sister" bag.   

This is the one I made for my friend.  

And this is the one I made for myself.  I really LOVE making this style of rawhide work.  Getting the right materials is difficult,  because this is epidermal on buffalo rawhide.   Its difficult to do correctly. The hair has to be removed,  without losing the epidermal layer.  Its tricky.  And one needs to use late summer/early fall hides when the epidermal layer is dark ( like a suntan ).   

This is a pair of bags I recently made which are in the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum.  They portray pictorial images of Plateau Women harvesting roots.   

This is another Plateau style bag on a set of horse gear I made as a commission.  A Western Plateau style work.   

This one I did a image of the great Nez Perce' leader Joseph.  It was in my show at the Maryhill Museum of art and is now in a private collection.  

Some images of historic examples.  They are rare.  

I believe this one may be Crow. 

As well this one.   They are very rare in collections today,  so I base the work I am doing on a handful of examples.  


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