Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New Works and New Exhibit

Its been a busy fall for me.  I traveled to South Dakota to do some lectures and judge a art show at the University of South Dakota,  Vermillion.   And I just completed a art research fellowship at the Bill Holm Center,  Burke Museum,  University of Washington,  and lectured there as well.  I was very honored to have been asked by both esteemed institutions to participate in such capacities.   Life takes turns one never imagined.   Especially lecturing in the same room I attended my very first night class at the University of Washington 30 years ago,  with my very first instructor in the front row listening to me.   Full circle experience!  

I also have been working on new artworks too!  This piece will be in the December show at the Stonington Gallery in Seattle Washington.    The original artwork design is by my friend Greg Robinson,  Chinook.  It is used by permission.   I titled this "The Sun Loved The Moon So Much,  He Died Every Night Just To Let Her Breathe".   It is available for purchase here:

Beaded on brain tanned hide,  13/0 special double cut Charlotte Beads,  24k gold plated beads,  Sterling silver beads.  Dentallium shells,  Abalone Shell beads,  "Russian" style trade beads,  red ochre paint.  

And another full circle experience,  if the lecture at the Burke was not enough!  My artwork which is part of the permanent collection,  Denver Art Museum,  is now on display with one of my all time art heroes,  Deborah Butterfield!  Pinch me!  

The exhibit it is in,  until 2019,  is titled "Stampede" - Animals in art -

Again,  not only am I on display with such a predominate and amazing artist,  but my work is also displayed with historic Plains artworks that I studied 30 years ago when I bought every book available on beadwork.  I still own my very worn copy of "Circles of the World" which the pipe bag and vest are in.    Amazing to think!  

I also just finished and mailed off this morning,  this new robe to a dear friend of mine!  Since her husband is a amazing photographer ( a director actually ) I will have better photos to show soon of it. I love doing works for friends.   The biggest honor to have I think.  

Its been a long time of many,  many years of working hard.  And almost overwhelming when it starts coming together like this.   I am humbled.  


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