Monday, May 22, 2017

A'aninin Style Moccasins.

Just finished this pair of moccasins for a friends daughters graduation from collage.  So please don't copy or reproduce them without family consent.   Just not how things are done in Indian Country!  

She will be wearing these during her walk to get her diploma.   It is always a high honor to be asked to make items which will end up being family treasures :-)  And a well known historic family as well. 

I beaded these in 100% antique Italian seed beads on lightly smoked brain tan hide.   The soles are traditional rawhide soles.   

I put a tall wrap top on them,  which was worn more by women.  These are stuffed with polyfoam - so when worn they won't look like the wearer had "Cankles".   

And now for some well deserved R & R.   My horse needs me. 


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