Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I just finished this beaded pictorial robe - narrating the Omak Stampede and Suicide Race.  It completes the commission I was hired to do for the Denver Art Museum.  It is on permanent exhibit.   Once I get better photos from them,  I will share them here.  I snapped these early today and tried to get some natural sunlight.   

The overall look on the robe.   Its a brain tanned elk robe,  which I beaded in 13/0 cut beads and painted with trade pigments.  

Saddle Bronc rider,  which was from a photo I took at the Omak Stampede.  All images are from photos I took there.  

Bareback bronc rider 

Barrel Racer 

Bull Rider 

Calf Roper 

And lastly,  Jumping the hill.   One of the most thrilling events you will ever witness.   Beaded rodeo images have been a art style on the Plateau for well over 100 years,  as its a important event here.  I am only working in the continuum of the tradition.  


Updated 12/7/16 -  The robe is now installed and the horse gear is fully displayed.  Yeah!  Glad this project is done and now onto new things.  

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