Thursday, July 7, 2016


A very quick rant!  I set this blog up,  not to blog about beadwork per se,  but rather a easy way for folks who inquire about my work to see it.   Because sending tons of photos is always a huge waste of time.  I have work to get done.   But when people I meet ask to see what I do,  I refer them here.

That said - I see there are LOTS of shares from this site all over the internet.  Some of the remarks can be mind numbing.   One making accusations the work was made in China!  Or one I just found - someone bemoaning the fact that my name appears on these photos - and that I don't disclose who did this work.   Well - BECAUSE I MADE IT ALL!   ITS A BLOG ABOUT MY ARTWORK!

Folks often share photos,  and even steal ideas.  Nothing I can do about that.   I also made the error early on,  not watermarking early photos on this site.   My horse Cappy and his images have gone viral I don't know how many times.   Some even claiming he is their horse.

The cyber world can be a very strange place.

So - Over the next month or two,  I will be deleting many of the old posts on here and perhaps re-posting them.  Or not!  Blogs are a lot of work,  and even more so when you kind of feel exploited by the process.


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