Friday, July 15, 2016


Reposting some photos of moccasins I have made over the previous 25 years.   Some of the photos are less than optimal - as back then I didn't have a digital camera or photo studio. 

Tall top Southern Plains style moccasins, made with brain tan,  natural pigment paint,  13/0 charlotte cut beads,  brass spots and mescal bean drops.  Rawhide soles.  

Another pair of Southern style tall tops,  and some early style quilled and pony beaded N. Plains mocs. Brain tan nice,  natural pigments, brass conches,  mescal bean drops,  trade cloth.  13/0 cuts on left,  pony beads on right.  

Tall Top Southern Mocs - Brain tanned hide,  natural pigments,  13/0 cut beads,  sterling silver buttons.  

Blackfoot style moccasins  -  Sinew sewn on brain tanned moose,  antique italian beads.  

Lakota style moccasins - Sinew sewn on brain tanned buffalo.  Antique Italian beads.  

Modern Southern moccasins.  13/0 cut and 24k. gold beads on Italian designer leather.  Red calfskin trim.  

My own personal mocs.  Plateau style.  Brain tanned deer,  antique cut beads,  antique French steel and brass beads.   


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