Saturday, July 9, 2016


I have decided to re-edit some old posts from this Blog.   When I first started this Blog,  other internet sites didn't exist,  or were not the monsters they are today.  Sadly,  a lot of my old photos were not watermarked.  They have ended up everywhere on the web.  Not being identified or even misidentified is one thing,  but I have even come across posts claiming I don't do all this work!   While I cannot do much about those who copy and plagiarize my work,  I can voice my dismay over some of these claims.   So if photos are shared,  now they at least have my name on them.  

This hat is now in private collection ( all of them are in fact ).  It as part of my Maryhill Museum of Art show in 2014 

Detail of the "Buffalo Girl" hat.  Beaded with Czech cut beads,  Antique Micro Beads,  Copper Seed Beads,  Custom Sterling Silver button.  

This hat now lives in a private collection in Santa Fe. 

I took a new photo of it last time I was in Santa Fe - It was beaded using all Antique Italian Cut Beads, directly onto the hat.   The band I wanted to resemble Plateau beaded belts.  

This had I made for my all time scholarly idol - Bill Holm.  Anyone who is in the business of Native Art Academics recognizes the name.  It was a huge honor to do this for him. 

Detail photo of the beadwork.  Made using antique Italian beads.  Beaded directly onto the hat. 

I also re-photographed this previously shown hat - Another Plateau Style hat,  beaded out of Antique cut seed beads,  directly onto the hat.  

This is a Plateau,  Nez Perce' style hat I beaded for a friend to match a pair of gauntlet gloves.  Beaded with antique cut beads and the band has a antique, hand made Navajo button.  

This hat was a commission for a client to wear on our July 4th holiday.  Beaded directly on the hat using antique and modern cut 13/0 beads 

This has was a commission about 25 years ago - Beaded with antique micro beads ( Size 16/0 - 18/0 ) directly on the hat.  

Some of these hats go back as far as perhaps 25 years ago, when they were made.  So some of the photos are not optimal.   But yes - I made them.   

More new posts to come as I have time.   Angela 

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