Tuesday, May 17, 2016


 I recently completed two more items for the set of Plateau horse gear I have been commissioned to make.   These will hang on either side of the horse,  on the back of the saddle.

The images are of traditional root harvesters,  and the background designs are from Plateau baskets.   These are in keeping with the environmental theme of the project,  this being the effects of development,  overgrazing,  and climatic change is having on traditional food sources here.  

The technique is a simple one,  of scraping off the top dermal layer of the buffalo rawhide to reveal the white later below.  But the difficult part is,  getting the rawhide with the dermal layer and done correctly.  Its hard to do and takes good timing, as one must slip the hair off the rawhide,  but not allow the top layer of skin to sluff off.  

A historic example.  They are very rare now.  

Another of this style I made a few years back.   This one using geometric designs based on painted examples.   The pictorial style I am doing is a entirely new style I am trying.  I don't know of any historic examples,  save a few rudimentary horses done on a sun visor.    


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