Monday, December 28, 2015

New work - "In the works"

It has been a very busy year for me,  although not all of it has been about making new beadwork.   I wrote a book,  I did some lectures,  I curated a museum exhibit,  and I restored several different art museums holdings,  including some very important Tlingit material that will be going on exhibit starting 2017.  Had some great interest in my art glass as well.  But  finally,  I am back to work doing beadwork again.  

 I just finished this pistol holder today for a friend.   Glad that is off my "To Do" list,  and I can get down to what will take up my next 5 or 6 months ahead.  

I have been commissioned by a major museum to make a entire set of Plateau style horse gear for permanent display.   I am honored and excited to have this opportunity.  Especially since the narrative will be my own.   And what I am focusing on is the stories about the peoples along the Columbia River where I was born and raised.   A unique place where horse culture meets maritime culture and the riches of the Pacific ocean.    

The first piece I am making is a horse collar.  The narrative actually has to do with the importance of salmon and sturgeon to the peoples of the river.   This piece tells the story of the Dalles Damn,  once it was built,  buried one of the biggest and most important fisheries in the world…Celilo Falls.   A gathering place from time immortal for the tribes to fish,  trade goods and exchange culture.    Once I get this collar finished,  I will post more about the narrative of what I want it to say.   

This was a paper mock up of the collar I did,  and of course the ever patient and willing Cappy the Appy modeling it for me.   He will be busy this spring earning his keep in photos.   

Lots more to come.  


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