Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Works - Quilled War Shirt and beaded pipe bag.

 I finally finished the quilled shirt I was commissioned to make late last summer.  For those who have never made one….they really are a labor of love at times.   Over 300 hours,  not including material preparation time!

This shirt is a copy of a shirt I previously made.  Some differences though as I don't like making repeats.  

This shirt took a total of 5 deer hides to make.  It is sinew sewn and sinew sewn natural dyed quills.  I used several quilling techniques on it.  

And,  I love when museums purchase your work,  because they do such awesome photos!  

This bag is now in the permanent collection of the Portland Art Museum.  Gives me pride I must say :-)  

And…onto new works.  I am really hoping this year to make some vibrant new works that have been in my brain waiting to come out.   Stay tuned.  


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