Sunday, August 17, 2014

TRANSMONTAINE (Crow/Nez Perce - Shoshone ) style bags

I just finished a new pipe bag for a Shoshone friend of mine,  and thought I would show it as well as another recent bag I made.  I am calling them "Transmontaine" which is a style of beadwork that encompassed the Plateau and part of the Great Basin areas.  It is not a style that only the Crows or the Nez Perce' did.  The Shoshones also had their own variants on this style.  

Most Crow/Nez Perce and Shoshone pipe bags were more of a shorter,  squatter style than what was made on the Plains.   And they for the most part lacked quill wrapped rawhide slats below the beaded panels.  Although on Crow and Nez Perce' bags the fringe is often wrapped in wool yarn and on rare occasions ( older bags ) they used quills as well.  

This pipe bag I had fun getting a little baroque with the design and colors.  A very contemporary spin on more traditional style.  I also did a full color change on both panels,  although the designs are the same.…I like to play with color.  

These bags are of course my own interpretation of this regional style.  All are beaded using antique Italian beads on smoked brain tanned deer and antelope hide.  Sinew sewn.  


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