Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Between all the other projects I have been working on,  I occasionally make a few purses.  I love to make them.  I like to branch out to other subjects that are not always centered around Native images.  

I just finished my "Blue Buddha" - the healing Buddha purse today.   It is made using 13/0 cut beads and 24 K gold beads on Imported Italian leather.  The drops are crystal beads and Czech glass buddhas.  

The back side of the purse - The Tibetan version of the eyes of Buddha.  

I made this purse this summer but forgot to do a final photo of it.   A clutch purse of beaded victorian era illustrated butterflies done in 13/0 cut beads and 24 k gold plated beads,  on designer Italian leather.  

This one I have posted before….but what the heck.  The more the merrier.  A Dio de los Muerto's bag done in 13/0 cuts and 24 k. Gold plaited beads on smoked brain tanned hide.  the fringes are crystal beads and Czech glass skulls.  

I really love making these purses.  And there will be more to come.   It all takes time - but I have a few locked in my brain yet waiting to come out.  


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