Wednesday, November 20, 2013

INCISED BUFFALO RAWHIDE PARFLETCHE - New twist on a old technique.

I just finished this envelope style incised buffalo rawhide parfletch case.  Well,  I think I might be done. Still deciding if I antique it up or not.  

I decided to try a new application to a very old technique.  Incised parfletche's were something made in the mid - 19th century,  and existing examples are pretty rare.   Part of the rarity I believe is due to the actual materials needed - epidermal on buffalo rawhide.  Its not easy to do ( It cannot be scraped free of has to be slipped off and there is a fine line between slipping the hair and the entire epidermal layer coming off )  It can also be done by striking the hair on rawhide with a hammer or stone but is incredible labor intensive. 

The very top layer of the rawhide is cut and scraped away to reveal the white under layer.  

This is another one I did a few years back for some Plateau horse gear I made.  All the old ones I have seen examples of are done in a geometric style.  So this portrait might be a first doing this technique.


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