Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Quilled Mandan Style Shirt....Part "Deux"...

I got to re-photgraph some older works...This is a Mandan style quilled war shirt I made about 20 years ago.   I used all historically correct materials ( Now non-available) Brain tanned mt. sheep hides,  sinew sewn natural dyed quillwork and human and horse hair drops.

The beads used are a combination of antique Italian pony beads and French re-production colors,  acid etched to emulate beads 150 years old.

The sleeves are multi - quill plated,  the quills dyed using a combination of Oregon grape root,  blood root and indigo.

The symbol of the disk is a symbolic thunderbird design.

The left on hair ruff of the mt. sheep hides...as was done on historic shirts. 


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