Wednesday, August 1, 2012


This is a recently completed commission for a private project.  The original Blackfoot mask is in the National Museum of the American Indian.  

 The mask is made using brain tanned deer hide,  natural earth pigments,  brass buttons and bells,  antique Italian beads,  feathers,  hair ( horse ) quills,  ermine,  buffalo horns and silk ribbon.   Both my cutting horse Josey and Cappy the Appy are modeling.   Not only is it important to understand some of the does and don'ts of making reproductions ( tribally sensitive and sacred material should never be reproduced,  nor artists works without proper consent ) but on making horses gear,  I often find those who make it have never been around a horse,  and they spend many hours and much money on materials only to have it not fit.   Its important to remember,  that although many objects today are viewed as art.....they also had practical applications.
 The real fun of course after you make such items is putting them on your horse.  Because many horses are not trained to accept wearing items like this.   I worked long hours to get my horses to accept their modeling jobs :-)  They now seem to love it.


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