Friday, August 31, 2012

Cappy the Appy....Mr. Model!

I know this post has nothing to do with my artwork but hey.....Its my blog so I can digress once in a while.   The other day we got a call asking if we ( meaning me and my Appaloosa horse "Cappy") would like to do some Equine Modeling.   He is shown in many photos on this blog as I use him often in the course of my work....especially since I make quite a bit of horse gear.

This is a advertisement for EOUS EQUISUPPLIES   This will be in a National I was quite proud to have Cappy chosen to model for EOUS.     And to those of you who are horse folks and use equine products...These blankets are the bomb!   EOUS just won major awards for the top pick on consumer reports of their blankets.  I use their products ( have a for while ) and they wear like iron.  They also have a great line of human clothes as well.  I love their vests ( I have quite a few in many colors.....cause us girls have to look pretty and match our horses when we ride :-) )

Click the link and look them up.


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