Monday, July 30, 2012


 Finally,  after some time from not posting new works on the blog,  I will have a few items I recently made.   I often get busy with restoration of artifacts so this takes my art time up.

This is a belt pouch,  based on Apache Saddle bags.   I restored a small set like this a few years ago,  and have also worked on several full sized ones too.   I have always wanted to make a pair and actually started this project well over a year ago ( I have a friend that also is making a pair too....a kind of "joint" project.  Finally I have been able to re-visit my half finished project and complete it.
 These bags are constructed out of brain tanned antelope hide.  Originally the hide layer of the trade cloth is rawhide,  but I wanted them soft so used tanned hide.  This made them hard to keep the cut outs precise.   The buttons are old Navaho ones I had collected over the years.   The paint is old trade pigment paint.  

Now....Where to wear them ?

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