Saturday, June 2, 2012

NATIVE AMERICAN HORSE GEAR - A Golden Age of Equine-Inspired Art of the Nineteenth Century.

Its been a while since I posted on my Blog.  Not because I have not been busy,  but rather I am currently working on several projects that have kept me from doing new art works.  Firstly,  I want to talk about this brand now book that has just been released titled "Native American Horse Gear - A Golden Age of Equine-Inspired Art of the Nineteenth Century by E. Helene Sage.    Schiffer Publishers.  Here is the link for the book - Nineteenth Century Horse Gear by E. Helene Sage
I have some of my work featured in the book (Along with Cappy as the model of course ) but the majority of the book is about 19th Century Plains and Plateau Horse gear. There are many never before published items in the book.  And Helene is a incredible writer (and world renowned scientist ) as well.  Its a book well worth adding to your library.  

Cappy admiring himself in the new book. 

 Cappy asked himself "Hmmm,  Is this my good side ?"

I also am currently working on a book about beadwork,  so one of the many projects keeping my busy.

On a fun note:  Yesterday my horse's Cappy and also my Cutting horse Josey got to model horse wear for the Eous company.   The photo shoot was for this falls catalog and I will have those later to share.   Here is one picture though of them wearing what will be some of this falls new horse blankets,  waiting to get to work.

Here is a link for the Eous company:   Eous   They have great products that hold up well ( I have been using their products for a while now.   They wear like iron and are a good value ).  I love the vests they have as well.  I must own one in every color.

Now.... I will be onto making new artworks soon.   So more to come.


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