Thursday, November 24, 2011

"I am the day, I am the night"

Finally,  some new work to add to the Blog.   I have been very busy with restoration work currently so I have not made much of my own art lately.  

This mask I just completed for a show on masks that will open December 1st at the Stonington Gallery in Seattle, Washington.    Since it was a mask show and most of the work is in Northwest Coastal style,  I was at a loss as what I should make.  Finally the idea of a horse mask struck me.   So for better or worse,  here it is.  I hope to get photos of it on my horses before I send it off.   

It is beaded on smoked brain tanned elk.   Painted with trade pigments,  and beaded in Czech cut faceted beads.   It also has 14k gold and Sterling silver accent beads on it.   The feathers are Heritage Turkey feathers.   

I hope better photos of it tomorrow.


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