Sunday, September 25, 2011

Father De Smet's Coat

 Its been a busy month.   But I finally have some things to post to the blog.   Recently I was commissioned to reproduce some works for the "Sacred Encounters" project.   This will be a permanent exhibit in the new museum the Coeur d'Alene tribe is now completing and installing.  I will have photos of the work I did for exhibit as soon as the installation is finished.

This jacket took 5 very large and next to perfect smoked mule deer hides to make.   It is sinew sewn, and the decorations on the jacket are cloth insets.  
 Here's a detail of the cut out work and cloth insets.  The vines are mineral pigment paint.
                                                              Back view of jacket.

                                                                    Detail of back.

I was on a very tight deadline, so I had to make this jacket from start to finish as quickly as possible.  It took me about 10 days.    With little sleep.


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