Friday, May 13, 2011

Cheif David Young Cayuse Horse Collar

Here's another one of those items from the historical past I felt very lucky to be able to restore.   When this item came to me, it was not in its original form and had been made into a bandoleer for people to wear I assume.   But the minute I saw it I remembered the photo of Chief David Young taken by Major Moorhouse and was able to confirm this was the same item as in the photo.  I restored the horse collar back as it was intended to be used (the center panel was vertical when I got this).   Too bad though we don't know where the matching mask to this is.  But I love it when images of the past and the actual item in the present can be collaborated.   And it is often that due to the photographic process, what something appears to be in a photograph is not the case when looking at the actual artifact.   Bill Holm wrote a excellent article about this in American Indian Art.  Different types of film register colors differently.   This is a excellent example.   In the photo it appears the collar is a blue background with red trim, when in fact the opposite is true. 


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