Wednesday, March 2, 2011


While I am madly working away on some new material, I though I would add a few more pairs of beaded gloves to the Blog.  The first big pair I have had a while (as evidenced by the bead repair with the blue beads that don't quite match).  But in real life they are close.  Photography can alter colors.   

I wear these when I ride in parades.  Inside the stars on the hands is my livestock brand, although upside down in the photo.  But not to the wearer of the gloves.   They are beaded out of small size 14 antique cut faceted beads, on finely tanned smoked braintan hide. 

These last three sets of simple cuff length gloves were done at a friends request.  They were going thru a tough time, and wanted something "Simple but fun" to wear while she was riding cutting horses.   I hope they fit the bill for her.

New work to follow soon.


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