Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am excited to announce I am now offering some of my work at Huey's Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.   I love Santa Fe!  

 I will have some of my glass work there, along with some of my more traditional works like painted buffalo hides and beadwork.    This work is a sculpted glass "Rock Medicine".  The talon and bear claw are also hand sculpted glass.    I am drawn to the appeal of medicine items, but am careful not to make them for sale. There is a respect that needs to be exercised towards this type of material, and making the "real thing" is not advisable unless done for the correct reasons.  So the glasswork is a representation of these items as a painting would be, but they are not "real" in the traditional sense and possess no power.  But hopefully convey the incredible beauty and integrity that they deserve.   All the beads are antique Italian seed beads and carefully chosen trade beads.   This also has some real elk teeth as well as shells, dyed ermine and trade bells.
 Rock Medicines are personal items who's true meanings are at times very individualized to the owner or visionary of them.

 This is a blown and sculpted glass Blackfoot style rattle.  The original ones would be made out of rawhide.   This one also is beaded in antique Italian beads and has ermine and trade bells.

So next time your in Santa Fe, stop by Huey's Fine Art  :-)


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