Friday, January 14, 2011


This cradleboard was one I made some time ago, but currently I have doing quite a bit of restoration of historic material, and this keeps me from making new works.  I will post some more works that I have made in the past, until I get some new works finished (which I anticipate to be soon).  

It is beaded using old cut beads, and old "Cheyenne Pink" for the background.   The board it is on is even hand hewn cedar, from a old log I found here on my land.  The hide is a very lightly smoked braintan.   And inside is a Plateau Doll with a classic Pony Beaded dress on.  It actually has the Mt. Sheep Tail dress tail, which came off some mt. sheep hides I had used previously to make a shirt with.  

Cradle boards were a very important heirloom item, passed down thru families.  Often they would save the top and inside board, but remake the buckskin part with each new baby.  And this tradition of babyboards continues to this day on the Plateau.  It is always a beautiful thing to see when a family loves and cherishes their little ones with such an elaborate and carefully made cradleboard that protects them and shows how much they are valued.


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