Sunday, August 8, 2010


Just finishing up a purse that was ordered for the Pendleton Round Up. This year will be the 100th Anniversary, so promises to be a "Goot One". This purse is in a antique Bakelite frame, beaded on smoked brain tanned hide, and is beaded in cut beads as well as some antique ones thrown in. The outlining of the image is 14k. gold plated beads. I also beaded the wooley chaps on the cowgirl to be textured like real wooly's are. And like most of the photos in this Blog, you can click each one and it will enlarge so you can see the detail.

Of course the day you want to take some rains. So hopefully I can get outside to do some better quality shots before this heads to its new home.

And, the hat is available if anyone is interested. It's a 7 1/4 BIG hat. But will make a statement where ever you wear it.


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