Wednesday, July 26, 2017


These featured items are artworks which I made over 20 years ago for a very discriminating collector of historic Native artwork.  He had me make these,  to "Fill In" areas of his collection where the items he envisioned owning were not available to buy,  or have become so cost prohibitive that it was a impossible dream ( in the case of the war shirts featured - Originals now sell for over a half million dollars or more ).  Total attention to detail was paramount,  so that they are undetectable as being new artworks against the historic items in his collection.  As he said "They played well with others".   He is now downsizing and retiring,  and has asked me to offer them up for sale as his representative.    So now is the time for those who have asked me  especially about war shirts to acquire one,  as I am no longer making them and exploring new directions with my work.   

To make shirts like this,  means using materials like historically correctly skinned and brain tanned Mt. Sheep hides.  They are next to impossible to get now,  partly due to introduced diseases (Lungworm ) which have severely harmed wild mt. sheep herds.   I also used all antique saved list stroud cloth ( now selling for over $1,000 a yard IF one can find it ) along with very good,   antique Italian beads on all items.  No detail ( like aging the sinew ) was overlooked,  as this collector knew his material and how it was made.  

These items were commissioned by the collector as original artworks and not as commodified reproductions.  All are original designs and expressions of historic art styles.  So only serious inquires please.  Click photos to enlarge them for viewing. 

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Quill Wrapped Horse Hair War Shirt -  Brain tanned Mt. Sheep hides,  buffalo hide,  sinew sewn porcupine quills,  antique Italian beads,  antique saved list cloth,  horse hair,  trade paint.  

Quill Wrapped Horse Hair Youth Sized Shirt - Impossible to find,  brain tanned baby Mt. Sheep hides, buffalo hide,  sinew sewn natural dyed porcupine quills,  antique square weave trade cloth,  antique Italian seed beads.  

Rifle case - Antique brain tanned elk hide ( collected on the Nez Perce' reservation ) made in one piece like the originals ( not added fringe ),  antique sinew sewn Italian seed beads,  antique trade cloth.   

Lumpwood society sash - Antique otter hide,  brain tanned buffalo leather,  antique Italian seed beads,  antique saved list trade cloth,  antique silk ribbon and ermine skin fringe.  

Quill Wrapped Horse Hair Mt. Lion Skin quiver ( With antique bow and arrows ).   Made from antique  old brain tanned Mt. lion hide ( perviously a saddle blanket ),  Old saved list trade cloth,  sinew sewn quillwork,  antique Italian Seed beads.  

Rump Drape - Made from OLD saddle drape,  using old,  antique trade cloth,  antique Italian seed beads,  antique brass bells.  

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