Saturday, November 12, 2016


I just finished this purse this afternoon  that I started working on a while ago but had to set aside for other work.    I felt that now its important for me to finish it.   For me,  beading is like a prayer and I often put a lot of thought into the things I make.  Whats on my mind,  or what issues are at hand.   I prayed a LOT for the Mexican people of my community when I made this.  There are already some ugly winds blowing after the election.  Two different fathers,  here legally,  told me how frightened their children are,  thinking they have to leave home to a country they don't even know.  I made this purse in solidarity with those in my community,  who are good,  decent and hard working people.   I stand beside you.   I stand against racism!  

Beaded using 13/0 Charlotte cut beads,  24k gold beads,  16/0 Antique Italian beads,  Antique silver Milagros,  and mounted on printed calf skin.  

I hope to bead and launch a line of purses this spring,  along with some unique jewelry.  

Stay tuned.   Angela 

Saturday, November 5, 2016


Finally got a little time to start reposting some older photos.  These are some of the buffalo robes I have painted in the past.  All are painted in a traditional manner,  using mainly sticks,  mineral pigments and hide glue as a binder.   All robes are brain tanned buffalo.  

Feather Circle Robe 

Box and Border Robe

Thunderbird Robe 

Feather Circle Robe 

Pictorial "War Record" Robe 

Varient of the "Feather Circle" Robe 

Hoping to paint some more robes this winter.  I currently have some nice hides to paint on.