Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Such a exciting morning.   The horse gear I have been working on for the last year was installed for permanent display at The Denver Art Museum.  Such a humbling time for me, as I also had work go up in another museum this weekend ( will post on that later ).  To think I now have items on display in 7 museums currently is more than I ever could have imagined.  

I have one more piece to complete for this set which I am working on now.  

More to come - Angela 

Monday, September 5, 2016

What I did on my summer vacation!

I finally took a few weeks off and made myself a few items.   Most of them simply were done to replace items I had made in the past,  and then gave away.   Sometimes you get carried away in the moment :-) 

I put the finishing touches on a pair of Cheyenne style saddle bags,  and made a shell necklace,  earrings,  hat band along with a beaded scarf slide and buckskin bag.  All were done using antique Italian seed beads,  Prosser beads,  Russian Trade beads and smooth shell dentallium shells. 

The hat band replaces a quilled hat band that used to adorn this old bowler hat which was my Grandfathers.  So I assume it was made around ca. 1900.   I wanted to do something very Plateau in concept , and yet original.  so I hope I was effective in my idea.  

Speaking of hats,  one I made a few years ago is now on display at the Tamastslikt Cultural Center in Pendleton, Oregon,  in the exhibit "Legend and Legacy - Jackson Sundown and Happy Canyon a century later"   http://www.tamastslikt.org/events/  If you love the Pendleton Roundup and Native culture,  I highly recommend going.  

"Buffalo Gal" hat on display.  

And speaking of hats - Another I did this summer for a exhibit on trade blankets which currently is on exhibit at Maryhill Museum of Art.   http://www.maryhillmuseum.org/visit/exhibitions/current-special-exhibitions  Another exhibit I highly recommend attending.  

The hat and a few other items I made on display at Maryhill.  

Now back to finishing the horse gear commission I have one piece left to do,  and then other artworks.   Even on vacation,  there is no rest.  But I am not sure I would feel comfortable resting.