Saturday, January 11, 2014


I am just finishing up my work for a exhibit of glass art of mine that will be taking place at the Maryhill Museum of Art in Goldendale Washington.  The exhibit will be from March 15th thru November 15th 2014.  I am very excited about it to say the least.  

This is one of the new works which will be in the exhibit.  Its been something I have had in mind for 8 years,  since I was Artist in Residence at Pilchuck Glass School.  Finally I was able to make this and some other works which have been in my brain for a long time wanting out.  

What this represents is a medicine bundle containing a golden eagle.  I don't like to make actual "Medicine" items ( I take these things serious ) unless they are going to the proper place and people.  So…this is merely a representation of what one might be.  It is not a copy of a existing bundle nor meant to be so.  It is a artistic rendition.  

Normally the tube parfletche would be rawhide so you would not see what was contained inside.  I wanted to make the container a suggestion and focus on the contents.  

Hope some of you out there can come and see the show :-) 


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