Friday, December 13, 2013


This time of year I like to make little items like this as gifts for my friends and family for the holidays.   I don't make these type of items for sale as I believe they should only be given away and not sold.  I like to make them now as here in the Northwest,  we believe the presence of the spirits and holy people are at their greatest,  so I like to do these with good intent and want that to be strong.  

Some of these I did a few years ago. I end up with a lot of little old parts ( like beads and bells ) with my work so a great way to use them.   Most material on these are antiques and all are beaded using antique Italian seed beads or pony beads.  

I made this one yesterday for a friend.  A bear fetish.  

Detail of the bear fetish.  The claw and feather on it are made of glass.  

A horse fetish and iniskim I made for myself a few years ago. 

This is umbilical fetish I did when my horse Cappy was born.  It contains his actual umbilical fetish which I saved and dried.  

The other side of the umbilical fetish.  

Have a happy season everyone,  and think of and help others.  



I  just realized I forgot to post the finished photos of the collaborative work I did with the amazing glass artist Shelley Muzylowski Allen.   So…Here it is.  

I have to say,  it was really like a dream come true to work with Shelley.   I met her when she was on the glass blowing team of William Morris, working at the time at Pilchuck Glass School.  When I saw what was possible with glass while watching William Morris and his team create magic,  and also that Shelley herself also was interested in horses as a subject matter,  I knew I wanted to do something with her.   

Well we finally were able to make that happen.  And with great acceptance as this piece did not last long in the gallery.   So,  hopefully we can get together again soon and do some more collaborative work.  I have to say it was a dream for me to work with Shelley.  Her talent and professionalism was a real boost to say the least.  

Sometimes things just work if you give it time :-)