Friday, December 13, 2013


This time of year I like to make little items like this as gifts for my friends and family for the holidays.   I don't make these type of items for sale as I believe they should only be given away and not sold.  I like to make them now as here in the Northwest,  we believe the presence of the spirits and holy people are at their greatest,  so I like to do these with good intent and want that to be strong.  

Some of these I did a few years ago. I end up with a lot of little old parts ( like beads and bells ) with my work so a great way to use them.   Most material on these are antiques and all are beaded using antique Italian seed beads or pony beads.  

I made this one yesterday for a friend.  A bear fetish.  

Detail of the bear fetish.  The claw and feather on it are made of glass.  

A horse fetish and iniskim I made for myself a few years ago. 

This is umbilical fetish I did when my horse Cappy was born.  It contains his actual umbilical fetish which I saved and dried.  

The other side of the umbilical fetish.  

Have a happy season everyone,  and think of and help others.  


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