Wednesday, November 20, 2013

INCISED BUFFALO RAWHIDE PARFLETCHE - New twist on a old technique.

I just finished this envelope style incised buffalo rawhide parfletch case.  Well,  I think I might be done. Still deciding if I antique it up or not.  

I decided to try a new application to a very old technique.  Incised parfletche's were something made in the mid - 19th century,  and existing examples are pretty rare.   Part of the rarity I believe is due to the actual materials needed - epidermal on buffalo rawhide.  Its not easy to do ( It cannot be scraped free of has to be slipped off and there is a fine line between slipping the hair and the entire epidermal layer coming off )  It can also be done by striking the hair on rawhide with a hammer or stone but is incredible labor intensive. 

The very top layer of the rawhide is cut and scraped away to reveal the white under layer.  

This is another one I did a few years back for some Plateau horse gear I made.  All the old ones I have seen examples of are done in a geometric style.  So this portrait might be a first doing this technique.


Sunday, November 10, 2013


I decided to start killing some old posts on this blog and re-posting some of the photos.  So this is a consolidation of a few posts.  

This is a split horn bonnet that I made for a gallery show a few years ago.  It is now in a private collection.  

This bonnet is made in a classic Plateau style of work.  To make them really look great,  it takes a LOT of ermine hide.  

The cloth I used was hand died selvedge edge cloth.  

The feathers are hand painted reproduction feathers.  The horns are split and shaved buffalo. 

The beadwork was done on buffalo hide,  using antique Italian seed beads sewn with sinew.  The buttons are old flat brass buttons which were commonly traded back in the day.  

This last bonnet was one which I made as a memorial piece for my father when he passed away.  He served 20 years in the military on active duty and years more in reserve.  He fought wars,  he killed men during his service and later greatly regretted this,  and in his last years suffered greatly both physically and also mentally due to his service.  But he was proud to serve his country.    This was a very personal piece for please respect that fact and don't copy it.