Sunday, October 27, 2013


This is a set of Plateau - Nez Perce' horse gear I made in 2008 and was my very first post on this blog.  I have decided to re-post it,  partly because I am discovering that my photos have gone viral more than once,  are all over Pintrest and other sites and I have not been credited for my work.  Even have found others using my photos making credits.   So....time to watermark and copyright.  Hate to do it....but its a kind of lack of respect that sadly causes this.  :-( 

This set of gear I was asked to make for a museum for display,  but as I completed it the big crash of 2008 happened and they had a budget cut...this project being one of them ( The remodel of their display gallery this was to go in ) so it instead went to a private collection.  

The model for the gear is my own Appaloosa horse "Cappy" who I also bred, raised and trained.  

The entire set of gear was made using very traditional materials, design, methods and techniques which would have been used during the last quarter of the 19th century on Plateau Horse gear.  The beads are all antique Italian beads ( They look brighter than they are due to photography effects ).  

With this set of gear I made both a classic horse collar,  a bandoleer bag ( which were also used as horse collars ) two bridles,  a saddle blanket,  a rump drape, a mt. lion skin saddle throw, and two parfletch cases as well as flat bags.  A complete set up.   

The keyhole bridle for the set. 

Detail of the keyhole bridle.  


Saturday, October 12, 2013


I have decided to delete and re-post a few old entry's on this blog as I have now have some better photos of these works.   

This is a Ute Style shirt,  based on some historic examples in collections as well as some old photographs.  It is made from brain tanned deer hide and hand dyed selvedge edge wool cloth.  The beads are antique Italian seed beads and carefully chosen reproduction beads.   The shirt and beadwork is made using elk sinew. 

The hide is painted using natural pigment earth paints. 

The feathers are magpie.  A bird which inhabits the Plateau and Great Basin areas of the US.  

Long fringes at the elbows made of brain tanned deer hide.  

Historic example of Ute cloth/hide shirt.  


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another little peek...

Another little peek at some of the new works I am doing for my museum exhibit next year.   There is a LOT more to do.  Pipe Stems,  stands and other glass parts that will go with these works, as well as other glass works not shown yet.   A bit more complicated then just doing beadwork.   

It is a lot of fun to do new things and push new bounds :-)